Pilates benefits

Pilates benefits

Whole body fitness

Core – stronger and more stable
Pelvis – stronger and more stable
Muscles – longer, leaner, more flexible and toned, without bulk
Spine – longer, stronger and more supple
Joints – enhanced mobility and range of motion
Cardiovascular – improved circulation, enhanced stamina
Lungs – improved capacity, control and respiratory function
Skeletal – improved bone density, increased resilience

Physical benefits

Posture – improved alignment and balance, upright and proud
Stability – enhanced balance, strength and control
Mobility – improved range of motion, flexibility and agility
Control – improved coordination and balance
Stamina – heightened enduring strength and energy

Mental benefits

Mental agility – stimulating the ability to think and react quickly
Concentration – enhancing focus, attention and discipline
Mental equilibrium – reducing stress and boosting clarity
Self esteem – well motivated and confident sense of self
Wellbeing – promoting a comfortable, healthy and happy state
Body awareness – enhancing the mind body connection

Strengthening the five parts of the mind as described by
Romana Kryzanowska, the protege of Joseph Pilates :

Will / desire

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