The easiest and quickest way to get started skiing is to take private lessons with a personal trainer and with Pilates it is the same.
But time and ease are not the only advantages. In your first private lessons, one to one, your trainer will observe your body and expertly identify and immeddiately address weak areas throughout your muscular and skeletal structure.
With this knowledge, your trainer will design you a unique tailor made training program. So you get the greatest benefit from your Pilates training to quickly feel significant results. And you will get the greatest enjoyment and satisfaction from your Pilates training – right from the start.

There are many reasons for choosing private lessons:
– to enjoy a workout tailored to your individual needs and goals
– because you cannot or do not want to train with a group
– to achieve results and relief from complaints most quickly
– to most effectively continue to improve capability and progression in your health benefits
– to enjoy a varied workout program using all the Pilates equipment
– to train at times which suit your agenda
– to train at the highest levels
– to enjoy the singular attention from your trainer
– to prepare you for small group classes, such as reformer and tower.
Private lessons are arranged by appointment at appropriate times.

Duet lessons

Besides one to one lessons, we provide ‘Duet lessons’ with one trainer working with two students together. In ‘duet classes’ the trainer needing only to focus on two students – rather than a group of ten – is able to provide a level of individual engagement with less cost than one to one trainings (see prices). And the students can enjoy varied workout programs using all the Pilates equipment.
It is a requirement that the ‘Duet students’ be of the same or similar level of competency.
Also ‘Trio’ and ‘Quartet trainings’ are possible. Working with three or four students and one teacher.

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