What is Pilates?

Pilates is a holistic program of controlled movement designed to improve physical strength, mental focus and body awareness. Engaging the entire body, the breath and the mind. Pilates is for rehabilitation and for fitness.
Pilates exercise focuses on core strength and stability, spinal flexibility and range of motion, proper postural
alignment, focused and coordinated breathing techniques.
Pilates emphasizes quality of movement – precision, control and technique – over quantity of repetitions and ‘going for the burn’. Proper breathing techniques are used to help execute movement with correct form and maximum power and efficiency.
What makes Pilates unique is the combination of hundreds of different exercises together with the use of
mat, special apparatus and props. The variety of exercises and open system approach makes Pilates a program of unlimited opportunity for progress and personal advancement.
Pilates uses different exercises tailored to meet specific needs and goals of each practitioner taking into
account any limitations they might have. The special apparatus and props are designed to teach students to
make the right connections, to engage specific muscle groups and to build overall strength & flexibility.
The program can be intensified as the practitioner becomes stronger, fitter and more advanced. The Pilates
program grows as the student grows.

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