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The rates of the lessons depend on the level of the teachers, the kind of lesson and the amount of students.

Please go to prices for more info.

Our studio has a online booking- and payment system.

See booking system.

Trough bank transfer.

All payments go through bank transfer via IDEAL.

See our online payment system. Click here

Every credit has a limited validity.

The validity depends on the amount of credit you buy.

Holidays have already been processed in the validity of the credits.

See our terms and condition (Algemene voorwaarden) 

We do not sell lessons, we sell credits.

Although you can buy a single class, mostly for try-out. With this credit  you pay your lessons. You choose which lessons you take for your purchased credit. For more information see our terms and conditions.


Please contact us via contact 

It depends on the situation.

For more information please see our terms and conditions.

It depends on the situation.

Please see our terms and conditions ( algemene voorwaarden)

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