F.A.Q. Our Studio

Our studio is fully equipped and provides the complete range of Pilates exercise options.

Our studio is fully equipped with authentic Pilates professional apparatus designed by Joseph Pilates and manufactured by Peak Pilates USA.

Our apparatus includes; Cadillac, Tower, Reformer, Wunda Chair, High Low Chair, High Ladder Barrel, Pedi Pole, Mini Barrels, Jump Board, Foot Corrector, Spine Corrector, MVe Fitness Chair, Pilates Platform and Hanging Mats.

We also have many dedicated props for Pilates workouts. These include; Magic Circles, Bean Bag Rollup Device, Weighted Bars, Wooden Poles, Dyna Bands, Pilates Cushions, Pilates Balls, Stabilizer Balls, Sit Cushions, Bozu’s and Hand Weights.

Our studio provides mats.

You do not need to bring your own mat. Our studio is equipped with both Pilates Hanging and Platform Mats for all our students.

Wear comfortable form fitting clothes.

It is helpful for you to wear comfortable yet form-fitting exercise clothes and no jewelry.

This is so that our trainers can see your body and musculature to ensure you perform the exercises safely with correct form and alignment.

Typical clothing for a Pilates workout is leggings (length not important), sports bra (for women), short sleeve or sleeveless tank top, barefoot or toe socks with anti-slip grip.

Eat light 2 hours before a workout.

Ideally you should eat a light meal 2 hours before a Pilates workout. This is to provide the fuel your body will need during the session while avoiding the discomfort of exercising on a full stomach.

The best foods are those having a low glycemic index (GI) carbohydrate source, moderate protein and low fat. These include oats, banana, low fat yoghurt, boiled egg, celery sticks with nut butter or a green smoothie.

Pilates is not practiced to music.

Pilates workouts demand a high level of concentration from the student to perform the movements with the required precision, to efficiently flow between exercises and to control their breathing throughout the workout. The student is also required to listen and respond to the teachers cues.

Pilates students prefer to concentrate and be fully present in the workout and do not want the distraction of music.


Our studio has a changing room complete with lockers and padlocks for each student’s possessions.


Our studio and all our facilities are on the ground floor of our building, making it accessible to all.


Our studio has on-site parking. In addition there is on-street parking available in front of our building. All parking is free of charge.

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